Nonprofit Ratings

When people ask if Global Action International is a good charity, we let our results, financial statements, and our nonprofit ratings speak for themselves. 

It is because of our commitment to children and their families that we rank high among other nonprofit organizations. As you can see below, charity watchers, consumer advocates, and others agree — Global Action International is a top charity that you can trust.  


The Independent Charities Seal of Excellence is awarded to the members of Independent Charities of America and Local Independent Charities of America that have, upon rigorous independent review, been able to certify, document, and demonstrate on an annual basis that they meet the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness.  These standards include those required by the U.S. Government for inclusion in the Combined Federal Campaign, probably the most exclusive fund drive in the world.  Of the 1,000,000 charities operating in the United States today, it is estimated that fewer than 50,000 or 5 percent meet or exceed these standards, and of those, fewer than 2,000 have been awarded this Seal.  Having been awarded the Independent Charities Seal of excellence, GLOBAL ACTION International ranks in the top 99.95 percent of Independent Charities of America.

Nonprofit Rating FAQs


Is Global Action International a good charity?


Global Action International is rated "Best in America" by Independent Charities of America, a rating bestowed on only 5,000 of over 1 million charities in America. Since our founding 30 years ago, we have changed the lives of tens of thousands of children and their communities. 

These results are reflective of our proven efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. Our independently audited financial statements consistently show that out of every dollar spent, 95 cents goes directly to programs and services for children and families in need. By keeping administrative costs low, more funding goes to children’s programs.

Where does Global Action International fall in nonprofit and charity rankings?


Charity watch groups name us as a top-rated children’s charity among other children’s charities and non-profit organizations. Included among these charity rankings are a "Best in America" ranking, placing Global Action International ahead of 99% of other charities in our efficient use of resources. This means every dollar you donate goes further with Global Action International than nearly any other charity.

What percentage of expenditures go to program services?


You can be assured that Global Action International uses the valuable resources donors have provided in the most cost-effective ways possible. 

In fiscal year 2020, 95% of all expenditures went straight to our mission. This means that, out of every dollar spent, 95 cents goes to programs and services for children and families in need. This places Global Action International in the top 1% of charities for effective and efficient use of donations.