Global Action School of Theology

Global Action School of the Bible started in the hearts of Dr. Dwaine Lee, President of Global Action International, and Dr. Frank Depolo, a pastor and friend of Global Action. The dream was to have seven schools in Global Action School of the Bible in nations of the globe where Global Action ministries were already serving.

Global Action School of the Bible started in Pasig City (Manila) in the Philippines and in Tamil Nadu, India in 2009 with DVD's from Dr. Frank's school in Pennsylvania used to teach classes. The videos worked wonderfully in the Philippines but was a lot more difficult in India with the language barrier.  Between these two schools, there were about two dozen students.

In 2010 Dr. John Hoole and Dr. Kenneth Hoole (Vice President of Global Action) went to these nations and saw the need first-hand, and determined that a change was needed to improve these schools as well as set a path for future schools when Dr. Ken began the journey to assemble curriculum in printed form that could readily be used not only in India and the
Philippines but in any nation that opens up around the globe.  Within months a suitable curriculum was assembled, and became the Core Courses for the school. It is in a digital format that is easily sent to leaders through the internet.

•   We've had times when a national pastor, and part of a denomination, who had little or no Biblical training. They have gone through our courses with us sending them lessons directly. They were so challenged by their studies they began taking their congregation through them as well. This would not have been possible with the video curriulum.

The school is Pasig City, the Philippines has been temporarily closed, but the school in India has expanded to over 140 students, throughout Southern India, presented through local classes as well as audio courses sent through the phone for students to listen to in remote villages. In 
India we are presently working with three ministries there.
In 2014, the team again went to Haïti and the Dominican Republic to welcome a school into partnership as well as establish a new school in the D.R. These new schools use the new name, Global Action School of Theology, which has become the name of most newer schools.
•   In Haiti we are partners with Dr. Estin Jean Jacques and his national ministry Kingdom Builders where Dr. Kenneth Hoole is a member of the board.  Since 2014, the school has grown from 59 students, in two locations,  to now over 300 students in nine locations.

     •    With authorization from the Haitian Ministry of Education, through our
          partnership, we are honored to confer a Bachelor and Master of Arts
          Degrees in Theology.

      •   This opportunity surprised us and was not an expectation on our part.
          We wanted to offer an opportunity for pastors and leaders to be 
          adequately trained, but the Lord took it even further than our dream.

•   Dr. James Paula is the network pastor of French-speaking congregations in the Dominican Republic. He also gives oversight to Global Action School of Theology, where twenty students are being trained.

It is so good to see what God will do if we will just let Him.

Pastors and leaders are being trained also in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Saudi Arabia, along with other nations. Many of our schools are in risky countries. Those participating and leading, do so at their own risk. Over 2,000 students are participating in the opportunities of Global Action School of Theology.

Work is in progress now (February 2019) for new partnerships in these African nations. 

          •  Democratic Republic of the Congo
          •  Ghana

          •  Kenya
          •  Liberia
          •  Nigeria
          •  Rwanda
          •  Sierra Leone
          •  South Sudan
          •  Tanzania
          •  Uganda

Please pray for a successful launch in these countries, along with others we are working with.
To help raise up a new generation of Pastors and leaders
"Changing Nations, One person at a time."