Lasting change starts with you.

When you give to Global Action International, you’ll be meeting critical needs both today and tomorrow, helping people rebuild in the wake of disasters and empowering entire communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

You’ll help kids and families tackle the big issues that keep them in poverty, equipping them to thrive with reliable access to basics like clean water, nutrition, healthcare, education, and more.

Inspired by Jesus’ love, we work shoulder to shoulder with families and local leaders, empowering people to create change that lasts so they can stand confidently on their own.

Together we impacted the lives of thousands of vulnerable children and their communities by tackling the root causes of poverty. Be part of this good news today by providing life-saving help like:

  • Protection for orphans and kids vulnerable to exploitation
  • Lasting water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions
  • Support for children and young people to grow deeper in their Christian faith
  • Ongoing, essential healthcare for moms and kids
  • Educational opportunities to open doors for children
  • Emergency assistance after disasters, including food crises

Monthly giving:
The simple way to make your donations do more.

Monthly giving is the most effective way to build lasting change for children and families. It lowers costs, which means more of your gift helps kids! Plus, your donations will be delivering consistent long-term solutions to help communities become self-sufficient.