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Major problems in Uganda

The main focus of Children's Christian Lifeline, Hunger & Medical Relief dba Global Action Int'l is assisting orphaned & less privileged children.  This is being done through the G.A.P.P.(Global Action Partnership Program) as we've partnered with Reachout Village Ministries Director,Daniel Nkata,to love, feed, cloth, give shelter & medical and a good education to the children in their care.  The lives of these children can be changed and blessed as we continue to assist.  A full sponsorship of a child is $50.00 per month and provides shelter, education, feeding,  protection & medical assistance if needed.
Child Assist
Many children have been orphaned due to parents having died of the AIDS virus, malaria or other diseases. To help these children rise above their circumstances we assist by  providing  ---
  • Education as one of the sources to help children rise above their circumstances.  This outreach has 2 primary schools and 1 secondary school that educates over 300 students. GAI/CCL was able to provide Science lab equipment for the secondary school.  Without the lab children would not be able to continue their education.
  • Vocational Skills & Training are taught to students who are not able to continue their education.
  • Medical Assistance - We assist through education and how to help prevent disease.   The medical clinic also provides for the students & community.  To protect against the disease of malaria, nets are needed.