Tamil Wad, Southern India Mission Outreaches

Medical Clinic

Medical Clinics are held in rural villages of Tamil Wad District of Southern India.
Doctors and nurses along with students who volunteer their time
treat and care for those who cannot afford a doctor or who do not have access to a doctor.
With each medical clinic counselors are provided for those who would desire to have counsel, talk or pray.
Each medical team sees between 50 & 200 patients per village.

Counseling Center
A center has opened for those who seek counseling - especially for those with addictions.
If it is determined and the counselee wants treatment he will be admitted to
TMSSS De-addiction Centre  http://deaddictioncentres.in/rehabcentre/tmsss-de-addiction-centre/.
Children's Outreach
Children are an important part of Global Action International - India. Outreaches have been held in
30 villages with 1681 children participating.
Lessons are taught through skits, puppet shows & songs.
They have a time of refreshment & games.
Many children's lives have been influenced.
Vocational Training
Computer training is high on the list for the youth of India.  Global Action International has provided computers for 4 villages. 
It is their desire to place 1 computer each month in a rural village
for the purpose of training these young people in a profession.  These computers can be purchase in India for $150.00. 

If you would like to contribute for any of these causes please donated on Global Action International's secure website.  Please state what you would like your contribution to go to.