Children and their families across Africa have already been struggling through a decade of climate shocks and regular food crises. Now, COVID-19 is putting immense pressure on Africa’s already fragile and overwhelmed health care system.

As the pandemic continues to spread, countries across the continent already grappling with hunger and hit by other crises, including the climate crisis in the Horn of Africa, remain at risk. Through our emergency relief, health and nutrition, education and protection programs, Global Action International is working to transform the lives of Africa's children. Learn more

Asia & the Middle East

The impact of COVID-19 has led to an increase in poverty, a loss of livelihoods and less access to health and nutrition services, pushing up rates of hunger and malnutrition across Asia and the Middle East. 

Global Action International is on the ground, supporting orphans and vulnerable children, while sharing God's love for them and their communities. Learn more

Latin America

Global Action International has been supporting  communities across Latin America for nearly 30 years, responding to the needs of children and families affected by civil wars and legacies of social, political and economic exclusion, particularly of the indigenous population.

We assist poor, rural households through our health and nutrition, education and youth programs. When disaster strikes, we respond with the immediate and long-term support children and families need to recover, rebuild their lives and gain resilience to future crises. Learn more