Promised Land Miistries was started 20 years ago for the children of San Lucas Toliman and other nearby villages.  This program was born with the vision to provide  -
                                 EDUCATION &
                                                               MEDICAL CARE
  • School Sponsorship Program: Three hundred & sixty dollars ($360.00) will sponsor a child for the school year as well as provide a back-pack & school supplies. There are now 420 sponsored children in all school levels; pre-school to 12th grade. The sponsorship program was started after being informed that many parents couldn't afford to send their children to school.
  • Feeding Program:  Students at Promised Land School receive a nutritious breakfast each school day. 
  • The Medical Clinic: A doctor is on duty & medical teams serving the community proviing continued care.
  • Construction Project: In 2017  55 houses were built with clean water and stoves that will prevent lung disease by illiminating smoke,  Also construction for 3 churches and several school projects.
  • Children's Ministry
  • Evangelism 
  • Leadership training to local pastors

Global Action International has partnered with this mission since its inception and has seen each program expand and many lives touched.